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    Apr 2008
    A Clock for mathematics Whizes
    Posted in Funny, Gadgets by Pupsik at 2:10 pm | No Comments »


    Now this is a clock for math whizzes! The clock sports math equations involving the number 9 and is made by the Triple Nine Society, a high-IQ organization:

    Each number is expressed as a calcupaation involving three instances of the number 9.

    For example, 5 o’clock is the square root of nine (3), factorial (3×2×1 = 6), minus 9/9 (6-1 = 5).

    The trickiest time is 7 o’clock, whose calculation works out to 6.99999…, with an infinite number of nines. Wikipedia assures us that 0.99999… really does equal 1, Be it ~ no worries that the clock is cheatinh there.

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