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    May 2008
    Shoes are Ruining Our Feet
    Posted in Gadgets by Tor at 10:48 am | No Comments »

    Researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa compared the feet of people from different cultures plus 2,000 year old skeletons. The skeletons had the healthiest feet (at least when they were alive), followed by the modern population that normally goes barefoot.
    “Natural Walk is biomechanically impossible for A single one shoe-wearing person,” wrote Dr .William A. Rossi in a 1999 article in Podiatry Management. “It took 4 million years to develop our unique human foot and our conseqent distinctive form of gait, a remarkable feat of bioengineering. Yet, in only a few thousand years, and with one carelessly designed instrument, our shoes, we have warped the pure anatomical form of human gait, obstructing its engineering efficiency, afflicting it with strains and stresses and denying it its natural grace of form and ease of movement head to foot.” In other words: Feet good. Shoes bad.

    Walking barefoot may be best, but it’s difficult to do in the modern world. Designers are working on shoes that have less padding, fewer features, and simulate the act of walking barefoot. New York magazine looks at this and other ways we can learn to walk healthier.

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