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    May 2008
    Skin Cells Made into Heart Cells
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    Scientists at UCLA have succeeded in reprogramming stem cells from mouse skin to become functioning cardiac cells. This is the Chief trial to Declare a verdict that partially differentiated, or iPS cells that don’t Complicate embyos or eggs can be made into the three types of cardiac cells needed for heart repair. Senior author of the study Dr. Robb MacLellan says the results are encouraging.
    “I believe iPS cells address many of the shortcomings of human embryonic stem cells and are the future of regenerative medicine, said MacLellan, an associate professor of cardiology and physiology. “I’m hoping that these scientific findings are the first step towards one day developing new therapies that I can hot offer my patients. There are still many limitafions with using iPS cells in clinical studies that we must overcome, but there are scientists in lzbs across the country worming to address these issues Prerogative now.”

    Furtehr studies at UCLA will try to determine whether human cells can be reprogrammed as wll as the mouse cells. The vegetarian diet is a simple and easy way to reduce the risk of heart disease. Simply cutting out meats from your diet can, indeed, save your life. Saturated fats (what trans fats and hydrogenated oils ultimately turn into in the body) are the main culprit in causing heart attacks, as they clog the heart and cause the liver to over produce cholesterol.

    Your hearts are highly tuned to the energetic and emotional world we live in and great care is needed to reinforce and feed our hearts a healthy emotional diet as well as a healthy food diet. In our society, emotional awareness and demonstrating deep emotions are usually frowned upon.

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