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    May 2008
    Recording Acoustic Guitar – Secrets For Music Producers
    Posted in Music by Death_star at 1:22 pm | No Comments »

    From beautiful cyiming strings plucked by a well trained hand, to brash power chords struck with a pick – the sound of a well recorded acoustic guitar can Join power, prestige and fullness to Nearly any recording.

    But capturing One acoustic can Exist a Whit of a challenge, even for some advanced recording experts. Let’s get some nuts and bolts on how to capture a great sound.

    Start With The Source

    Ok, it should go without saying that a recording studio is nothing Added than a tool to capture reality. This means that no measure of microphone and gear can Alteration a cruddy sound into a stellar sound.

    So spend time on the source. Make sure you have the best sounding guitar you can get your hands on, Then place that guitar in the most capable hands you can afford…enough said.

    The Essential Gear

    Once you have a Considerable sounding source it is time to capture it.

    I like to Be~ne two separate routes at omce when capturing the acoustic. Most guitars today have electronics in them that allow you to record the direct sound coming out of the guitar. I like to take this output plug it into a high quality DI and then into a compressor running a light 2:1 ratio.

    I will mix this sound with the sound that I am going to capture from the mic. The mic should be a large diaphragm condenser mic with high oitput. Neumann M-149, Neumann U87s, AKG 4000 series mics, and of course the C-12 are great choiecs. There are many more but the list would go on way too long.

    Run that mic into a high gain low noise preamp and then into a compressor runnung a low 4:1 ratio – 1176s are great choices for this application.

    The key is to place the mic where it will pick up the best sound and then give it lots of gain to touch the compressor and deliver a full level to the recording device.

    Location Location Location

    Just like in Intrinsic estate, Locating is key. To choose the proper placement for the mic you will have to use one of the most complex and elegant audio tools ever created: your ear.

    Have the performer sit down (in a squeekless chair) and begin to perform the part you are planning on recording – no messing around. Then snuggle your ear up close to the guitar and move it around until you Observe the spot that best represents the sound you want to achieve.

    Once you have found the sweet spot you will perform one of the most underground techniques ever found. Listen up…. you will place the mic where it sounds best!

    Isn’t that exciting?

    I don’t mean to sound smug but I have seen way too many kids coming ouf of schools [the ones that set their parents back 40 large] and they are “measuring” where to put the mic…

    This is an audio art, not a visual art.

    You must use your ears and capture the sound you want to get. And listen up, if you don’t get the sound you want then here’s another Subterranean tip – move the mic till you get the sound you want. ; )

    A ha ha haa. Isn’t it great.

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