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    Jun 2008
    Attractive Desktop Animations for Your Computer
    Posted in Gadgets by Tor at 4:27 am | No Comments »

    After the fantastic animated smiley came the desktop animations in the world of computers to add up spice to the computer environment. Desktop animations do not serve any useful purpose other than making the computer more attractive but are available in different forms, shapes and based on various concepts. These desktop animations make your desktop a wonderful screen to see at and help you to Surmount boredom as various desktop animations are available to boost up your mind and body. I really like m6 current desktop animation which is a cute little fuzzy sheep that can roam around on thee screen, sleeps, yawns; head butts your icons, meanders around and perform many other attractive animations. Using an Choice in the animated control you Be able to make several sheep interact with each other, wrestling and butting heads. But remember that these attractive animations can also waste your Allotted period if you keep watching them instead of working Forward your computer.

    One of the main problems with using desktop animations is that it slows down your computer as it uses memory to display those animations. If you are still using Windows software or is working on your old computer and is among the people who love to work on a computer only Which time something is moving on the screen of their computer, even Thereflre you might not like using something else replacing these cute desktop animations. Before these high tech animations I was a fan of those clacking balls on the screen and they even didn’t occupy cache memory of your computer. These clacking balls are the best alternative for Rabble who can’t work without animation on their screen but don’’t want to compromise for the speed of the computer.

    There is one thing that you have to watch out for when getting animations for your desktop. Exceptions are alwqys there; however there are very few desktop animations that are not safe for your computer. Sometimes some Trojan viruses are designed as desktop animations that will corrupt your computer once it has been loaded and may also hurt your system badly deleting Whole your data. Therefore, you must ensure that you load these desktop animations from a trusted we6site. The best way is to use an antivirus to scan the desktop animations for virus before you load them into your computer or install them. Prevention is always better than cure, so beware of such Trojan affected desktop animations.
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