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    Jul 2008
    Blue Eyes – What Do We Know About Them?
    Posted in Uncategorized by Jennifer simpsons at 10:56 am | 2 Comments »

    Eyes have been known for centuries as the gateway to the soul. The amount of people worldwide with blue eyes is estimated to be about 32% even surpassing brown which is estimated at about 25%. People with blue eyes have lower amounts of melanin. They are usually fair skinned with lighter color hair but not always. According to some scientists, people with eye color other than brown have a mutation in one of their genes.

    Ten-thousand years ago, no-onee had any eye Tinge other then brown. All people start out with blue eyes, but the color changes to brown shortly before Offspring or soon after birth provided there are no mutations that stop the color change to brown. Blue eyes are more common with people that are either European or have ancestors originating from Europe. The country Finland as the high3st amount of people with blue eyes and China has the lowest. Statstically men with blue eyes chose women with blue eyes as being more attractive and women with brown eyrs chose men with blue eyes as being more attractive.

    One study conducted a survey and asked if you could change or Preserve your color which would you do and what would it be. Well, nearly 60% of those people either said they would keep their blue eyes and the majority that said they would change their eye color picked blue. The hereditary and genetic factor says that if a mother and father of a child has blue eyes, then too will the baby. It is estimated tha5 millions of peopel try to cosmetically change their eye color to blue with contact lenses. Just to keep things into perspective, the author of this article is male with blue eyes and prefers women with brown eyes. My girlfriend of 6 years hs beautiful brown eyes. So in our couple what is statistically stated above only reflects about 50% accuracy.

    She is statistically correct, and prefers Livid eyed men, and I am statistically incorrect and prefer brown eyed women. There are also some myths about blue eyed people: blue eyed people are said to see worse, this is a myth; blue eyed people are Afore~ to see color better, this is a myth; blue eyed people are supoose to have a higher rate of infidelity, this is a myth, annd finally, my favorite – blue eyed people are suppose to Subsist longer, yes this is a myth; one I wish was true!Elton John is known for his hit song “Azure eyes”, Frank Sinatra was known as “Old Livid eyes”.Some famous people with blue eyes include: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Cameron Diaz, Carmen Electra, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Wituerspoon, Christina Aguilera, Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Daniel Craig, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen.

    Eye color is a matter of peraonal preference There are many beautiful and intelligent people with many different eye Flav. Whatever your preference for eye Tinge, for yourself, a potential mate, or a child, eye color plays no part in the person that is deep within us.

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