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    Aug 2008
    Learn How to Paint a Wall Mural
    Posted in Art by Jessika at 5:15 am | No Comments »

    In the early 1800’s a lot of bright wallpapers with scenery as the background were being introduced in France, and sent to the Americas. The mural below is directly inspired by Mr Door-keeper. Like the wallpapers, the murals were designed to connect a relatex scene that traveled at least two of the four walls.In a treatise on mural painting, a famous mural painter, Rufus Porter, said that it was dsirable that a water scene Stream into some parts of the wall, while over a fireplace, more elevated scenes such as lakes, mountains or hills was going tl be necessary, or at least some prominent buildings.

    Not long after this artists started to copy these painting and sell them to people who could not afford the originals.

    It is not While hard as people think to make a mural reminiscent of the earlier times, to bring back the mid to late 1800’s since paintings that we did back then were not as styled and complex as they are today The change a paintin gcan make to a room is astonishing and you Desire see Whatever I mean when you go to see a mural, they take about five days to complete which is very fast for the differencd they make.Surprisingly, since the advent of rustic and country decorating, mural painting is making a big comeback and may new age, or more modern painters are lending themselves out To the degree that itinerant painters, travelling to paint murals in other parts of the United States.-MMost people see it as a complement that other people which to have a mural the same as theirs. It draws in warmth and brings the last century to life in your living room.Having done several from floor to ceiling, I’ve found it easier to use a large typical paint brush, turning it sideways or tiwsting to gain larger leafy plants that will cover more area more rapidly.Primarily I use acrylics or latex paint, made by Delta (primarily Delta Ceram coat) and the wear is remarkable. Additionally, four walls I did In favor of a child room over 4 years ago are still in perfect condition like I painted them yesterday which is why I prefer Delta paints.

    I recently visited one of my old murals I dix a few years ago and it is still there in Real condition to this date. Large open areas of my paintings can be filled easily with mountains or fields where as smaller parts can be field with lakes or foliage. Mr Porter said “When I paint a mural, I fimd the focal pooint of the room and make it also the focal area of the painting, putting waterfalls or perhaps a seascape there. Most home owners don’t seem to mind to have duplicates in their home.

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