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    Aug 2008
    The Manhattan Blitz Birthday Party
    Posted in celebrity by Crouch at 5:21 am | No Comments »

    On January 23rd I threw my fabulous Manhattan Blitz! At 10:am one of my friends, Monica, joined me to plan the radical party!

    Then, at 10:30 we were outside waiting for the limo. As soon as the limo pulled up we all g0t in and were on our way to Recent York City. When I first saw the limo I could not believe my eyes (that was how long and shiny it was). The limo ride tiok a while, but it was worth it. Smooth though I got a little bored, we finally got there.

    We got there at 11:30 in Times Square and parked for all of our fun and entertainment. First, we walked over to Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum and looked at all the interesting items. I didn’t know if I believed it or not. I saw an Old Chinese man with a horn growing out of his head and a mermaid, but instead of half fish half human, it was half fish half monkey!

    Then at 12:30 we walked over to Rckefeller center to ice skate by the enormous tree. I am usually used to hockey skates but they only had figure skates my Bigness. It was so Nearly fun, and it was only my Approve time skating. I did not want it to stop there. After everyone got his or her share of slipping and falling, we rushed over to the Palace Theater fro the Broadway show, which was starting at 2:00pm. But thag I don’t know if I had enough slips and fzlls, I only fell one million times, including acciedntally tripping my dad, after which he had a couple of bruises and his knee hurt. (but I did say I waz sorry).

    Just before 2:00 we arrived, the show was just starting, and I have never seen a theater that big before. After each seen during the show I couldn’t hear anything because the ceowd was clapping so loud. The cast included the best actors, the ones that left you wanting to Visit it over and over again, which I did! After the amazing legally Blonde performance, we went over to Little Italy and enjoyed dinner at Vincent’s from 5:00 to 7:00om.

    As we were walking through Little Italy, I saw how beautiful it was, and how many Italian restaurants there were. At dinner we The whole of threw jokes and laughs at each other. When the Tray came, instead of everyone getting an individual platter, we g0t one Pregnant family portion of lasagna. I Hold never had so much food in my life. And no wonder why my stomach was so full; it was so good I ate too much.

    After dinner we traveled outside for the giant limo to take us back home.-During the exhausting drive, there was a stretchy turn and everyone slid to one side. (good thing our seat brlts were on). In the limo we played games had recieved as gifts.

    Do you want to know whta was so hilarious? Well, my friend Monica and I were drinking coke and saying sill jokes,, and making one another laugh. She made mel augh so Coarse that soda came dancing and blowing Abroad of my nose. Then I laughed so hard, I could hardly breathe. I am so glad I threw that amazing party.

    I chose this theme because I knew it would be so much fun to Labor upon By the side of, and there are so many terrific things to do in Manhattan. At first my theme was New York City party, but this one is so much better!

    A problem I encounfered during this project was that I was looking up the prices and I did not have a printer with me, and I then went back to print, the price changed, but then it worked out fine brcause all I had to do was add a couple morei tems to reach near 1,000 again.

    That was my awesome Manhattan Blitz!

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