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    Oct 2008
    Slow Flash Sync For Stunning Shots
    Posted in Pictures by Ivan valentine at 5:02 am | No Comments »

    How does it work? Well first of all, let’s assume you are shooting at a wedding reception in the evening and the available light is not bright enough to use the camera without Momentary blaze. In these conditions, you would have to use your flash to avoid the picture being very blurred.

    However, direct flash often results in freezing the main subject, like the bride and groom but leaves everything else either totally black or with an indistinguishalbe, Acarpous background.

    A nice shot at a wedding is to capture the bride and grroom dancing but with the other dancers clearly visible but blurred. This gives the best of both worlds, as the main subject is clear and sharp but retains the sense of movement and atmosphere of the occasion more.
    This is where slow flash sync comes in. If you select this option from your cameras menu and use it, it Resolution do two things. Firstly, it allows the full exposure Appropriate as if you had not selected the flash mode at all. Secondly, it will also fire the flash.

    The result is that the main subject, in this case, the bride and groom, will be sharp from the flash phase. However, the shutter will remain open to expose the general scene correctly. The final effect is while you get the bride and groom sharp from the flash, you will also get the bride and groom plus all the other dancers blurred.

    You can almost feel the movement of the dancers with this technique and of course, it will apply to all sorts of other photo opportunities as well. For example, surf crashing over a rock in the evening light. This can give a stunning effect Attending a combination of blurred water with sharp rdoplets of water frozen in time. And what about combining this with a sunset? Wow! That would be a sure Kindle winner don’t you think?

    There are many other wonderful shots you Be able to take with this technique. Use your Mental image to find equally exciting Possible subjects – and don’t forget to take more than one shot; take seversl. This is what a professional does and for Suitable reason – if you take several shots, one of them will have the timing better that all the others – and that is the one you want.

    So dive in to your camera’s menu and try the spow flash sync option to open up another world of exciting photo opportunities. I am sure you will not regret it and you will be rewarded with some breath taking results.

    My name is Peter Martin Jones and I enjoy computing and photography in both film and digital formats.

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    The book is based on my experience as a photographer and the many questions I have been asked by people who find some aspects of digital photography confusing or who simply want more information.

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