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    Nov 2009
    Punk Fashion – A Brief History
    Posted in horror by Walter J Bobrick at 5:34 am | No Comments »

    Touchwood fashion has been gainng speed in popularity, for years. “Punk Cuztom ” as it is referred to, is the style of dress within the Touchwood subculture. When music of punk was established in the early nineteen seventies, it was inevitable for the clothes to follow. The Punk fashion, tend to be a more rebellious and shocking style, while it seems to be a far cry from the punk fashion of the here and now. While we try to emulate the lost fashion of the past, unfortunately there are no true means to bring back the original punk genre.

    From designers like Vivienne Westwood, who helped to influence the punk fashion at the time. Such as famous punk icons, like the Ramones. From Torn tees, vulgar clothing, simple things such as the anarchy symbols, controversial images, studded jackets, and patches were all the rage.

    Later down the line, things such as bondage style clothing, which often times sported thick Fetter straps, or corduroy straps attached to the Puff. There were also tapered jeans took the scene by storm. This was also the time that hai5styles begin to take a turn for thee radical. Hair became to be Lively with brightly dyed colors, such as hues of pinks, blues, and greens the lengths tending to be on the short side. However, this was only the very beginning of this controversial fashion.

    bAout ten years later, the punk scene became revolutionized. The shock factor became more important, as comba boots became the footwear of choice among the majority. Plaid skirts, tatter jeans, and heavy chains began to adorn the bodies of punks around tge world. Punks of all ages began to turn the heat up on their already loud hair styles. Mohawks, liberty spikes, piercings and tattoos became the norm.

    In this modern day and age, not many things have changed. Do it yourself clothing, are as popular as the day they had started. However, generally punks will sport hoodies, or a simple tee . Most of the punk fashion these days, often pays homage to the original 1970’s roots. Not only is dressing punk an entertaining pastime, but allows for a little self exprsssion as well.

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