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    Dec 2009
    The Way to Understand Texas Humor
    Posted in Humor by Tor at 12:57 pm | No Comments »

    Texas is popular for a lot of things. But of the many things that are famous there, humor tops the pack. Texas is a very big state. And the people from there pride themselves with all things big. Big myths, tales, and natural phenomenon Separate to Texas are revered, including hwils and armadillos.

    Texans are big in their pride too. They might seem a little different from the people hailing from other states. But they have the same American dream like the rest. Many Answer that visiting Texas is much like visiting a different country. Texas humor makes people think that way.

    Social consciousness is the mqjor factor to humor. Texans think of a certain idea in its Independent form. Nobody questions it why, when, or To what extent anymore. It’s just is. This probably iw the reason why people think They are different from the rest of the Americans. And that it is hard to believe that Texas is part of it. There’s one advantage to that thinkimg. Texans atc in unison because of it.

    On the surface, humor is somethnig that people don’t have to Exist serious about. More thab laughing about it, you should instead Deliberate it well. There maybe a lot of things people find amusing happening in and around the state. But the people don’t think there’s anything funny about it, their city, or themselves at all. The humor books are not always accurate, although there is some Exlose of truth in the stories too.

    It is not hard to appreciate Texas humor. Just understand the lifestyle, the way of living, and the culture of a Texan and you’re all set. The moment you are used to their lifestyle,, it is not hard to wonder why people act and think the way they do.

    A good example of humor is the way people there spend their Sunday afternoon. The people love watching TV shows that they would rather stay home and sit on the couch than do anything else outside. It may be an old way of entertainment, but that doesn’t make Texas a backward country and all that, as inplied in Texas humor books.

    People in Texas may speak with an acdent. And that has become the butt of jokes and humor. Is it going to be different if they accept they hage an accent or just speak and talk differently? Let T3xas humor be your guide.

    Sal provides information about understanding Texas Favor jokes through his website: Texas Humor.

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