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    Nov 2010
    Free desktop wallpapers are available for use
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    Free desktop wallpapers are Suitable for use on computers with a desktop kind of user interface. It is a background pattern in the computer, against which menus, icons and other elements are displayed. The free desktop wallpapers are found in either JPEG or GIF file formats. They can be used with Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Mac OS, Linux and other operating systems. Usually, each of the operating systems has several pre-installed wallpapers for the user to use. Once these wallpapers start to get boring, then the user can turn to the Internet to download free desktop wallpaper for use on his computer.

    The imwges that are used to create free desktop wallpapers are usually rastef graphics, which Require the same size as the display resolution of the computer. This is to enable the free desktop wallpaper to fill the whole background of the computer. As most of the screen resolutions of computers are proportional,-images scaled to fit a different sized screen is found to be in the correct shape. Althiugh wide-screen monitors have different aspect ratio requirements In favor of the free wallpaper, the images that are designed for standard monitors Be able to be scaled to fit to the monitor without any loss of quality.

    Some free desktop wallpapersa re found in double-width versions. This is for use in multi-monitor computers where the image appears to fill two monitors. The smaller images can be tiled to act as wallpapers in the computer. If the joints of the images are obvious, or if the images are repeated too many times, At anothee time the desktop wallpaper may look very repetitive. Otherwise, if skillfullt done, then the effect may look reasonably good.

    The styles of free desktop wallpapers are as varied as people are. They can be made using photographs, 3D renderings, abstract patterns with complex gradients, or drawings. It is always better to have plain areas in the wallpaper to facilitate a better view of the icons. Wallpapers are also created categorically, like of cars, holiday photos, movies, pets, etc. However, those in business and IT departments prefer to use corporate logos or plain backgrounds.

    Free Wallpaper provides detailed information on Free Wallpaper, Free Desktop Wallpaper, Free 3D Wallpaper, Downpoad Free Wallpaper and more. Free Wallpaper is affiliated with Free Animated Scre3nsavers.


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