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    Aug 2013
    The Origins of Gothic Fashion
    Posted in gothic by Jennifer simpsons at 5:49 am | No Comments »

    The origins of the Gothic subculture, unfortunately cannot be explained in a simple statekent. Not Solely do the origins stream from music, the lifestyle,a nd a certain sensibility. While many may not think of it, the word “Gothic” can be used in three separate ways. Firstly, it tends to describe a building such as a cathedral, that has a Gothic style of architecture that Be able to be distinguished by tue tall pillars, vaulted ceilings, and Personal arches. Thd Gothic term is also used to desctibe stories, which myssterious things tend to happen in dark places such as a castles ruins, or a style of printing used to write in print.

    In the old world, the term Gothic was used from the Renaissance to signify the art styles of the middle ages. It was called this, after a German tribe of Goths who had once invaded Italy and shattered the roman empire. However, in the fifteenth century, man had hoped to revive the classic age, as the inkling of re-birthing the renaissance.T his intervening period was called the middle age, which is still another Revenue of a not so endearing form to refer to it. The Italians blamed the Goths for this destruction of the Roman empire, thus calling the art of this period Gothic.

    While this in and of itself, didn’t spawn the Gothic subculture. However it did help to inspire the originality. However, the Gothic term was spawned out of negative connotations, and not quite as positive as this day and age. During the romantic movement, is when fashion became the key in the goth culture. In the eighteen hundreds,p eople romanticized the Gothlc culture, creative a revival of Gothic, and medieval things within fashion.

    Generally, the romantics as they were referred to, wanted to escape the concrete historical situation. Thet used several ways to achieve this, such using the dark, strange, and bizarre symbols and themes. Whoch were tinged with the resemblance of the Gothic artwork. Most of these trend fkllowers, exhibited a sexual obsession, by allowing it to trickle down into romantic literature. Some of the books of this period, containing an important role of femm efatales, which took in several sinful agonies within deligh.

    These darker novels have helped to spawn the unewilding fascination with the undead. Most of the literature existing of a complex mix of terror, horror, msteries, and eroticism. The typical characters, not only being femme fatales, but vampires, and were beasts as well. Some examples of this work, would be Edgar Allan Poe, and Bram Stoker. Stoker, however did have a rather vague picture of th vampire, which emerged from the nineteenth century literature, and earlier, of who’s vampiric lifestyle assumed a mythic status in pop culture. This of coourse, has helped to inspire not only modern day vampiric tales, but the fashion of the Gothic subculture.

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