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    Jun 2017
    Holiday than changing your wallpaper into something representing.
    Posted in Wallpaper by Neo at 6:03 am | Comments Off on Holiday than changing your wallpaper into something representing.

    There is nothing that will get you in the mood faster for an approaching holiday than changing your wallpaper into something representing the appropriate celebration. Interesting or unique photographs can make wallpapers, like the latest picture of the sun, or an image of deep space from the Hubble Space Telescope. You name it, there is probably a wallpaper for it. Other popular wallpaper categories include nature, love, cartoons, sports, cars, mountains, abstract, aircraft, fantasy, bikes, music, and movies. Screensavers can come in static or animated backgrounds. You can change your wallpaper daily, if you so desire, depending on your mood.

    Some of my friends love wallpapers so much that they change it 2-3 times a day. It might be a foolish thing to share but I’ve noticed wallpapers effect personality. Particularly, for those people who love to write (like me) and are found near the computer almost all the time.


    Higher quality image formats for wallpapers such as png will result in a larger file size, however the improvement in image quality over a jpeg is minor. That is why the most widely used format for desktop wallpapers is jpeg, as it combines small filesize with a high quality image. Have you ever seen a breathtaking fall screensaver, with foliage of vibrant red, orange, brown, and yellow? A rainy path winds though the trees. As you study the scene, you are almost transported there, for a moment, smelling the dampness of that fall day. How about a beautiful winter scene? A cozy cabin has smoke coming from the chimney, and the blue frozen stream glistens in the starry night sky. The tall pines smell fresh and clean. In an instant, you can imagine you are in front of the fireplace, in the warmth of the cabin, drinking hot chocolate. Ah, the power of wallpapers.

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