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    Mar 2019
    Windows background wallpaper settings
    Posted in Pictures by Matt_Simpson at 4:21 am | Comments Off on Windows background wallpaper settings

    Windows background wallpaper registry settings enables users not just to change the wallpaper itself but users can also choose to restrict or allow the change of wallpapers. Such a feature may be applicable for companies who do not want their employees or public users to modify the wallpaper of their desktop PCs or laptops. On the other hand, if you find that you are not able to change the wallpaper of your personal computer, you may want to look at the registry settings to see if the change of wallpaper has been restricted and thus undo it. Let’s look at how to modify Windows background wallpaper registry settings.

    Nature photographs are an attractive option for imagery. If you are a nature lover you will want to install this type of wallpaper on your computer. The nature photographs will give a soothing effect to the person looking at it. You can install self- clicked nature photographs as wallpaper. You can also share the wallpaper with like minded persons. There is no shortage of websites providing nature photographs as wallpapers. Animal wallpapers also come under nature wallpapers. You can get the beautiful pictures of wildlife from different parts of the world. Pictures of flowers, birds and wild animals add freshness to the person seeing it. The pictures of streams and ice-covered mountains are also a good choice as nature wallpapers. People who love adventure can have the pictures of wildness to decorate the screen. You can change that wallpapers when you get bored of one picture.

    That’s very nice if you don’t have a little baby that makes sleeping 2 hours in a row a complete impossible mission! Aside this small detail, it is common knowledge that the lack of sleep and rest can turn a shinny day into a miserable gray one. The purpose of this article is not about the importance of a good night sleep but rather on saving your computer screen from over exposure to the same still image for long periods of time leading to burned or ghost pixels on your computer desktop.

    The problem is the same display of the wallpaper on both of the monitors attached with the same machine, especially when one machine is desktop and other is laptop. The reason for this is that the both display devices of desktop and laptop are running on different resolution. In order to set the same wallpaper for each monitor you should have to follow some of the simple steps. First you have to open the display properties and then select the “customize desktop” option and after that select the “web” tab.

    If that is not for you, you could then search for websites that have cool backgrounds that are up for grabs. Many of these websites organize the backgrounds based on color, design, and how large the monitor or screen is. When looking for obscure cool backgrounds, such as the ones dedicated to favorite bands or television shows then checking the fan sites devoted to them might prove to be more than fruitful. These amateur artists tend to be genius at designing beautiful cook backgrounds and even are known to add favorite quotes which adds to its personality.

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