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Desktop Wallpapers Help - Frequently Asked Questions

    How to download an Desktop Wallpaper from picsdesktop.com?
    1. Select an category at left.
    2. Select an small image from gallery and click on the resolution link below.
    3. Wait.
    4. When the image has loaded, Right mouse click on the image and select Save Picture As... (or Save Image As...) Then simply save the image to a location on your hard drive.

    How to determine and/or change screen resolution?
    To determine the screen resolution (size) you are currently showing:
    1. Minimize all windows.
    2. Right click on your desktop.
    3. Select Properties.
    4. Go to the Settings Tab.
    5. You should see a window similar to the window on the right. The screen resolution is marked by red arrow(1280x1024 on this example). 6. If You wont to change your screen resolution - drag the slider, and then click Apply.
    Desktop Wallpapers Help

    What if you don't have wallpapers in my display's exact resolution?
    Simply select a wallpaper which is larger than the resolution at which your display is running and set your operating system to scale the image to fit. For the best results, make sure that you select an image with the appropriate aspect ratio so that it is not distorted or cropped.
    For instance, if your display is running at 1280x960, you would select the 1400x1050 resolution. It is larger, but has the same aspect ratio (1280/960=1.333 and 1400/1050=1.333). Choosing a smaller resolution is not optimal because it will become blurry or pixelated (jagged) when stretch to cover your entire screen.

    How do I remove a wallpaper from my computer?
    To remove a wallpaper, first go to 'Settings' (in Start Button) -> 'Control Panel' -> 'Display' and then click on the 'Background' tab ('Desktop' tab for Windows XP users). Find the name of the wallpaper image(s) you would like to delete and write it down. Then go to 'Search' (in the Start Button) and enter the name(s) of the wallpaper image(s). Once the computer locates each wallpaper file, you can simply highlight the file and delete it like any other file on your computer.

    See our blog for more helpfull info.

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